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18-Nov-2017 11:09

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Dustin was convinced that Marah wanted to be good, but Sensei Kanoi was not so sure and even Cyber Cam seemed to share his doubts.

The screen showed Marah appearing and knocking Beevil off her feet.

Cyber Cam wanted to try and soon they were all at the racetracks.

Shane and Tori watched from the sidelines as Cyber Cam soon left Hunter, Dustin, and Blake in the dust.

'), excelling in adventure sports like skateboarding, surfing, motorbikes, etc.

After he got out of the water, Cyber Cam decided he wanted to try motocross.

Dustin, Blake, and Hunter laughed at him, telling "Cam" it was not a sport that you just pick up.

Later, in a factory, Cyber Cam arrives to help them.

Cam has already arrived and Hunter, Blake, and Shane are confused by the appearance of another "Cam".Shane, Tori, and Dustin walk in and are not thrilled to see Cyber Cam. Dustin tells him good, because he doesn't need any more competition on the race track.